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The State of It
(6x 30mins for BBC Scotland)

Performer, Writer, Producer

A brand new, 6-part comedy series for the BBC Scotland channel. Presented by Robert Florence and featuring a unique mix of sketches, animations, and topical contributions; The State of It rips into the #STATE of modern day Scotland and introduces the best new Scottish talent.

I’m an actor, writer and producer working extensively in theatre, film and TV throughout Scotland.  I've performed in a number of new play and classic plays, as well as writing and performing my own comedy. In 2017, I was nominated for Up and Coming Actor/Actress  at the Scottish Variety Awards and almost missed the award announcement because I went for a piss.


I’m currently part of the Comedy Unit, working on and producing a variety of projects, including: 

Scotland Unsolved 
(3x 10mins for BBC Scotland)

Writer, Producer

A spin-off to the BAFTA winning Scot Squad. Detectives Squire and McGill investigate some of Scotland's most famous cold cases.

Scot Squad: Archie Pepper Off the Record
(4x 5mins for BBC iPlayer and online)

Director, Writer, Producer

A series of shorts for iPlayer that saw Scot Squad's Archie Pepper grill the Scottish political leaders in the lead up to the December 2019 general election.

Here’s a few other things I've done:
  • Alumni of the Fast and Funny scheme with BBC Comedy/Writer’s Room.

  • Sketch writer and performer for BBC Short Stuff.

  • Joke writer and panelist for Breaking the News (I told a story about the Chuckle Brothers that no one laughed at. I still have anxiety dreams about it).

  • Launched BBC The Social in December 2015 (the video I made also had a joke about the Chuckle Brothers in it - a complete coincidence I only realised while writing this list).

I’m a self-shooter and have extensive experience with Photoshop and Premiere Pro. When I get the time, I make videos in my back garden about random things. Mainly video games. My neighbours have phoned the police twice.

"There are standouts in the supporting performances — including Nathan Byrne’s hilarious Tranio..."

Taming of the Shrew - The Times Review